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The Institute of American Indian Research is in the process of updating our website. We have convened an executive board and we intend to revise our mission state and objectives of the Institute to reflect the current state of Indigenous and Native Studies at UNM and beyond.

IFAIR was established under the direction of professor Amanda Cobb-Greetham who was on faculty in American Studies. Dr. Cobb established IFAIR and left UNM for the University of Oklahoma. Since her departure, the College of Arts & Sciences continued its support of IFAIR and Dr. Beverly Singer assumed the directorship.

Upon Dr. Singer’s retirement from UNM, Dr. Lloyd Lee took over the directorship until he stepped down in 2016.

I then assumed the directorship of IFAIR.

Since IFAIR’s inception, much has changed in Native and Indigenous Studies. We intend to explore how IFAIR as an institute can reflect and support critical developments and movement in Native and Indigenous Studies. We also welcome Native American Studies into the College of Arts & Sciences and look forward to collaborating with the new chair, Dr. Tiffany Lee.

IFAIR has promoted Native and Indigenous education, research, and service at UNM and hosted and supported many events to foster the study of Indigenous nation-building, community organizing, and Indigenous peoples. The institute strives to foster Native and Indigenous-centered education, research, and service at the University. We plan to continue collaborations with nearby Indigenous nations and communities.

During the next few months, with an executive board convened, we will reorganize the institute’s structure, examine our mission statement, and determine how to best reorganize the governing structure to reflect critical directions of Native and Indigenous Studies and in ways that continues the institute’s mission to enact decolonization, Indigenous sovereignty and the self-determination of Indigenous peoples.

Keep checking back as we begin redesigning our website and sharing updates for the next school year’s events.

Jennifer Denetdale, Ph.D.

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