Governance Structure:
The Institute will report directly to the office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, specifically to Vera Norwood, Senior Associate Dean. We propose the following governance structure: Director, Executive Board, Advisory Board, and Affiliated Faculty. Descriptions of these positions are offered below.

Institute Director:
The Director will be chosen by the Executive Board and will serve a two-year, renewable term. It is preferred that the director be selected from among the members of the Executive Board. The duties of the director will include: (1) organizing meetings of the Executive Board and Advisory Board; (2) managing the Institute’s budget; (3) overseeing any work-study or staff position; (4) developing and coordinating Institute initiatives with the Executive Board and with the Native American Studies Program and other Native programs and Institutes; (5) spearheading outreach with Native Nations and communities in the surrounding area; and (6) generating intellectual and financial resources for the Institute. For carrying out these duties the director will receive a SAC in the amount of $3000 or receive a course release with the permission of the director’s department.

The members of the Executive Board will serve three-year terms. Some of the first board members may serve for a fourth year in order to provide continuity. Thereafter, board members will serve for three years only. The Board should consist of five to seven members, not to exceed a total of ten. Of these members, the majority should hold tenured or tenure-track faculty positions at the University of New Mexico. Other members may be lecturers or graduate students. The primary duty of members of the Executive Board is to develop and coordinate Institute initiatives.

Faculty members may become affiliated with the Institute at the invitation of the Executive Board. The Executive board will not place a cap on the number of affiliated faculty. Affiliated faculty members will support and participate in Institute initiatives.

  • Jennifer Denetdale (DinĂ©), Associate Professor, American Studies
  • Lloyd L. Lee (DinĂ©), Associate Professor, Native American Studies
  • Sherri Thomas, (Taos), Associate Professor, Law Library
  • Kamilla Venner (Athabascan), Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Steven Verney (Tshimshian), Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Kathleen Washburn, Assistant Professor, English
  • Kimberly Husyer
  • Mary Ann Willie
  • Kevin Brown